Residential Rehabilitation

It takes time to become addicted and even more time to accept it enough to make the decision to change. The process of change also takes time. With a highly trained team of professionals, TFC offers a residential recovery service with varying lengths of stay. A typical day consists of group and individual counseling and psycho-educational sessions. Leisure time, visits from family members and significant others along with various other appointments including medical, legal, employment development, etc., are approved and arranged in advance. In addition, nourishing food, physical exercise and mutual enhancement activities are on-going.

Each participant is assigned a state credentialed counselor to assist him in all facets of his recovery process. Progress in personal recovery is the responsibility of each participant. Opportunities to develop an abstinence-based lifestyle occur frequently throughout each day building a foundation for a life free from addiction. This method of recovery requires flexibility in duration and schedule as each person progresses to sobriety at their own pace.