Our premise is simple: We view the men who seek our services as being ill, not deviant. We view society in general as being very alcohol permissive and somewhat permissive of the use of illicit drugs. Our experience has taught us when we take a person in the throes of drug or alcohol addiction, relieve his body of the toxins, place him is an alcohol and drug free home-like environment with others of the seeking the same reprieve, give nourishing food, basic comforts and a core group of people actually living the kind of life this new person desires, a seed is planted. We believe it is at this point, after alcohol and drugs are removed, after being taken out of an overindulgent society and immersed in a micro-society of people who value life without alcohol and drugs, that program methods or procedures can actually be effective. We then involve our participants in a daily structured program of living. Through experiential learning, group process, individual counseling, life skills training and community-based recovery meetings, TFC provides the foundation necessary to begin life anew, free from the bondage of addiction.